Sandscapes or moving sandart sand frames are names of a modern decorative products that firstly invrnted in Austra. We started our production on 2012 in Iran in the city of Tehran. with lots of experiments and tests we have reached a Great combination of sands and the liquid quality to have clear liquid and decent sands falling. We can send samples and you can visit our production line so call us 🙂 For more information and ordering you can comminucate us :

Whatsapp and Telegram: +989128944916


Addres of office and showroom: No 10, Pars ally, Lotfali khani st. teymouri sr, North side of Sharif University.

ََAddress of factory: zandye st, yaftabad district, Tehran, Iran

Office Phone: +982166517861

After Iran market we have Exported our products to Turkey, Georgia, Iraq We are ready to export whole world.

With regards Wonderfulsand, Ghasemi.