Rectandgular Design with Stand

  • Dimentions: 37*25 cm

  • Frame Colors: White, Black, Brown

Circle Design

  • Dimentions: 27*25 cm

  • Frame Colors Black, White

تولید و پخش تابلو شنی برند واندرفول سند

Rectangular Design

  • Dimentions: 28*19 cm

  • Frame Colors: White, Black, Brown

  • Background Pictures can be added

Artistic Combination of mateials main phases: liquid (water), Gas(air) , Solid (sand) in a small frame. The most important reason of peoples reason for buying from us is high quality of products and best choices of matrials that makes our sandsacapes really relaxing and entertaining to watch. Watching sand and water smooth movements is realy amazing and is source of calmness. In sandscapes we do have both of them. Our products are produced in two rectangular and circular shapes. we will continue making new designs We have two rectangular type that one of them is on the rods that hold it and another one lies on its frame. you should flip or turn around the sand frame to see falling of sands and making the landscapes You can follow us on Instagram and Pinterest to see more pictures and videos. for contacting us for more information you can send messages us to the whatsapp number: 0989128944916

Export to whole world

Wonderfulsand is made in IRAN and we are ready for epxort in mass volumes or lower. We also can send samples with airline-posts.


Above the 200 pieces order we can print or engrave your logo on the sandscapes

Quality warranty

We have bought diffrent moving sandart from difrent parts of world, The weakpoints of almot all of them are sands that fall very fast or doesnt make sandscapes. we choosed best combination that makes beautiful sceneries.

Exclusive Supplying

If the order of a buyer be more than a certain number we will give him or her exclusive rights in the specific region and we will consider a branch of wonderfulsand

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